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Ambitious companies can still apply for grants

Estonian companies can still apply for various support (grant) programs for the implementation of their ambitious development plans. It was recently revealed that the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications plans to provide non-self-financing loans to industrial companies to improve the automation of the industry.

The aim is to encourage companies to invest in equipment and their management systems to add value. “The prerequisite for getting a loan is to have a development plan that ensures that it is a wise investment and that the equipment is not bought simply because the loan is favourable. The purchase must be reasonable, the equipment used efficiently, and it requires the least amount of human resources to add value to the company while keeping the number of employees,” said Rami Morel, chief specialist of the economic development department.

Enterprise Estonia’s Enterprise Development Program support is also open, which supports thoughtful development, better planning of activities, implementation of innovation and product development aimed at ambitious and smart export oriented companies. Each company participating in the program will bring new products or services that are more profitable as they progress through the development program. One of the most important parts of the complex action is the strategic development plan. The best and most ambitious also receive 25-45% real support to implement their development plan.
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