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Production layout – lets make space for efficiency

Production managers say quite often that they do not have enough space for production. Is lack of space a root problem or a result of some other problems? In this interactive training we try to answer the folloing questions:

  • What to do in order to increase efficiency and throughput?
  • How to maximise efficiency of production floor space, equimpent and people?
  • Making re-arrangements in the production floor – what, when and how?
  • How does proction layout influence other processes and activities (f.e. supply chain)?
  • How to make sure that planned changes increase efficiency instead of creating more mess?
  • How to implement changes with minimum costs?

Detailed description of this training course is currently not available in English. If you are interested to order the in-house training course, we are happy to carry it out in English. Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask for more information.


Urmas Ruubel

Urmas is a leading expert in field of LEAN and production management. He has over 20 years of practical expreience as a production manager from different companies, with  in depth knowldege about metal industry, wooden products, paper and packaging industry. Urmas became consultant in 2014 and has ever since advised many companies from different fields. Urmas´s main role is to help production companies to become more efficient by deploying LEAN thinking and implementing different LEAN techniques (5S, SMED, kanban, kaizen etc).


  • over 20 years of practical experience in consulting and training;
  • our consultants have extensive practical experience in production, quality and management;
  • wide range of services in area of LEAN/efficiency, management systems and strategy development;
  • unique possibilities to develop your personnel – public training courses, development programs and in-house trainings;
  • we work in English, Estonian and Russian languages.

Got questions? Interested in this training at another time and place? Contact us!

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